People have associated fitness apparel with clichéd tropes like “CRUSH X-Y-Z”  or “#$@& Excuses!”.

 While this approach has its proper place, no one is representing the wisdom seekers, the spiritual trailblazers, and the explorers of discernment who are conditioning mind and body in their quest to be the absolute best versions of themselves within and without.

We represent YOU, the sage journeyer, the one who sees beyond the status quo.  We support you on your transformational journey by way of FASHION, FITNESS, and FAITH.




To inspire transformation through positivity, encouragement, and community.  Let's be a better person today than we were yesterday.

OUR Values

Respect and love • Let’s be good to each other
Integrity • When we’re honest and true to ourselves we can grow
Humility • Ego clouds wisdom
Perseverance • Failure is the greatest teacher
Passion • Commit to your goals and give it 110%
Hard Work • The harder the effort, the greater the gain
Make a Difference • Impart these values with compassion




De La Cross was conceived in 2017 by Brandon Cruz from Queens, New York.  Being of Puerto Rican descent, his original family name was De La Cruz, which means “of the Cross”.  As an artist and the son of a fashion designer, Brandon was always fastidious when it came to his attire. As an avid fitness buff and a man of strong faith, he noticed the current fitness market is saturated with overly aggressive approaches that do not embrace the culture he wished to foster.  He decided that needed to change.  De La Cross was born.



Shah Martinez, a technical generalist with expertise ranging from Motion Graphics to Software Development, joined his brother Brandon in 2019 to help kickstart the brand.  He shares a similar passion for fitness and personal development.  He handles all things technical at DLC.

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